What is a private screening, planning and referral web portal?

The purpose of your private assessment, planning and referral web site is to provide you and your counselor/advocate with the means to assess issues related to your behavioral health. If there are findings, and you concur with the findings, there are tools on the site to guide you and your counselor/advocate to appropriate services. Any resulting referral for services will require your written permission. Your private information is secure as per Federal regulations. Before beginning you must agree to the Terms Of Usage. You can stop the process at any time and all identifying information will be deleted from the site. The portal is available to you at no cost via a collaborating agency that will assist you in using the portal by providing access via a unique username and password.

What are the stages of the screening, plannning and referral process?



Screening is a process that indicates whether it is likely that a person has a behavioral health issue that should be further explored. Based on a brief quick screen, additional screening tools will be used to access the nature and severity of the issues. You will be asked whether you concur with the findings before proceeding to service planning.


Service Planning

Service planning includes developing goals and outcomes and choosing a comprehensive set of interventions to address issues that you have identified in the screening process. The plan is then matched to your needs, readiness, preferences, and barriers to accessing services.


Referral for Services

The referral process involves sharing information developed during the screening and service planning process with service providers chosen by you. Release of this information requires your review and written permission. This process also involves monitoring your referral in terms of wait times and other support related issues.


Promising Practices

In some instances there may be services or programs considered promising or proven effective that are not offered or available to you. Information on needed services is essential to developing new programming. This data is gathered as research and is not identifiable on an individual basis.

About The Portal

What assessment tools and resources are available through the portal?

Quick screening of behavioral health

Secondary screening in such areas as depression, anxiety, anger, substance use disorders, prescription drug abuse, traumatic brain injury, and suicide.

Structured process for developing a services referral packet including a release of information.

Self-assessment of risk, protective factors, readiness for referral, and barriers to service.

Typical case scenarios and histories of how users have overcome barriers to services (child care, finances, transportation, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on a variety of substance abuse and mental health issues.

Mental health and substance abuse provider directories.

Professional recommendations regarding treatment.

Use of secure video ports for one-on-one consultation (requires collaboration with partnering sites)

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